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  • API Testing Challenge 12 - How To - DELETE todos/id 200

    This post and video shows how to complete the challenge DELETE /todos/id (200) to successfully delete a todo item in the application. What are the API Challenges? Our API Challenges Application has a fully functional cloud hosted API, and a set of challenges to work through. DELETE /todos/id (200) Issue a DELETE request to successfully delete a todo DELETE request will delete a todo if the provided id exists /todos/id end point e.g. DELETE /todos/3 to delete the todo with id==3 200 is an success code, in this case it means the todo was deleted The body of the message is empty add the X-CHALLENGER header Basic Instructions Issue a DELETE request to end point “/todos/id” where id is replaced with the id of an existing todo if you don’t know any then a GET /todos would show a list of todos, or you could POST /todos to create one. if running locally that endpoint would be http://localhost:4567/todos/id if running in the cloud that endpoint would be https://apichallenges.herokuapp.com/todos/id The request should have an X-CHALLENGER header to track challenge completion The response status code should be 200 when all the details are valid and the todo exists. To double check that the todo item was deleted, then you could issue a GET request on the todo directly and receive a 404 or issue a GET request on /todos and check it is not in the list of todos. Insomnia Details > DELETE /todos/62 HTTP/1.1 > Host: apichallenges.herokuapp.com > User-Agent: insomnia/2020.3.3 >[…]

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  • 2021/04/12 My breakdown of “Mike Monteiro: 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations” (and how it applies to testers)

    2021/04/12 My breakdown of “Mike Monteiro: 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations” (and how it applies to testers) Today I’m going to be talking about a presentation I found on YouTube, titled “13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations”, by Mike Monteiro (@Monteiro on Twitter). It is aimed at designers, who he classifies as “anyone who puts anything on the web”. So why, as a tester, who doesn’t put content on the web, not only watch it, but blog about it? I had seen a previous video of his – Fuck You, Pay Me, and found him to be an interesting speaker, so I thought give it a shot. I’m glad I did, as a good chunk of what he says could be applied to testers (or developers, or many other roles which require expert knowledge). If you want to watch the whole thing yourself (and I would encourage you to do so), you can watch it below. It is just under an hour long, which isn’t always easy to spare. If you would like a breakdown of his presentation, with me referencing sections that I feel would apply to testers, then keep on reading. Introduction Quality is not enough Mike asks do good thing comes to those who wait, that quality rises, that the making was enough, and our place is in front of a screen. Does good design (testing) sell itself?No Mike says that for collaborative environments, beer on tap, a ping pong table, for all of that, there is one thing that will hold true. If you stop paying people they stop coming to work[…]

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  • The most powerful tool in my facilitation arsenal...

    The most powerful tool in my facilitation arsenal... It's been a while since I've written anything technical (I'm busy writing fiction at the moment), but this post has been brewing for a year, and a meeting today pushed me into wanting to write it up.I've been diversifying since last I wrote! I've always thought of myself as a 'Jack/Jill of all trades' in software, I'd even like to call myself 'a renaissance man', except I've never been one for pretention.One of the things I love about where I work, and particularly my current team is that there are always opportunities to 'self outside' of my job title and do something a little differently. This has included working as a scrum master, business analyst, developer, data analyst, it goes on!An area I really love working in, and this goes back to my love of agile and being a scrum master is facilitation. It's a role I absolutely love, and have really grown into over the years, but it also is one I initially found challenging.You see, I love contributing ideas and finding direction. That kind of leadership can have it's uses, but it doesn't make for good facilitation, and can (as we'll discuss) have it's limitations.When my team comes across a problem, it's really easy to look at it, and try and propose a solution. And that's okay sometimes, but with those words I said before, with being a Jack (or Jill) of all trades, you have to remember you're also a master of none.Generally, when the team comes[…]

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