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גיא יובל

Enhance the testing material using customer support experience

The motivation is that we usually test per product / version based on internal testing database and testing scenarios documents.

my experience with customers show that sometime we expose a scenario that we might not test in our regular work.

The way customer involve it vendor with something he has

1)      Customer comes with problem (phone, chat, email)

2)      Support understands the issue presented to it.

3)      Support handle the issue (consult internally, view the docs, try in internal lab)

4)      Support give a solution to customer

5)      Customer implement the solution

         -> Solution works – support and docs are making doc improvement.

         -> Solution NOT works – going back to step 3

6)      Support might involve R&D in case locating problem that might require code fix

         ->  If case escalated with not R&D task – like step 5

         ->  If case escalated with R&D task then

               i.     Task lead to fix – this is in R&D hands to decide if this will be clone for other versions or not.

               ii.     Task without fix – need to understand how the task closed and therefore this is interesting for QA

                     * R&D gave solution / workaround

                     * Not supported / RFE

                     * Customer not responding / gave up what he wanted / Customer leaves

When support case with R&D is closed without solution, it become place where QA can learn from the situation and try to understand these issues in advance so this situation will not repeat itself.