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Michael Tivin

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  • Name:: Michael Tivin
  • Degree title:: MBA Business & Administration, B.Sc. Computer science
  • Certification title:: Certified Tester Foundation Level
  • Title in ITCB®:: Advisory Board Member
  • Current Job title/company:: Sr. Engineering Manager / Cisco, Technology Lecturer and adviser/College of Academic studies.
  • Overall years in field:: 18 years in IT and 15 in testing
  • Fields of interests:: Agile Testing, Process improvement, Agile Coaching, Test strategy, Risk based testing, Test Automation, Test lifecycle, Test in the real world Vs Test in the Academy, Test in DevOps and cloud infrastructure.
  • Additional Information:: Michael Tivin has been living in the test world for the last 15 years. Michael is a senior test and development division manager at Cisco Systems, Agile coach and a technology lecturer in the center of academic studies, focusing on quality assurance and process improvement. Michael is a PhD candidate, in deep investigation of agile process implementation and its impact on enterprise revenue. Michael is also leading the industry-academic relationship program as part of Cisco activities, evaluation of high degree researches and their merging with industry needs.
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