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חמישי, 13 דצמבר 2012 11:16

Igal Levi

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  • Name:: Igal Levi
  • Degree title:: B.A in Management Business & Practical Engineer in computers.
  • Certification title:: Certified Tester Foundation Level
  • Title in ITCB®:: Advisory Board Member
  • Current Job title/company:: Senior Director Global QA
  • Overall years in field:: 13 years in Software Testing.
  • Fields of interests:: Prepress, CTP (computer to plate) and digital equipments for the graphic arts. Financial Crime, Risk & Compliance
  • Additional Information:: Having experience in multi Disciplinary products which include software, Hardware, Reliability and HSE testing. recently moved to Financial Crime, Risk & Compliance market. Experience with establishing and managing WW testing groups (Creo, Kodak, Nice Actimize). Methodology and tools development support SW and HW testing activities during the product life cycle. Trainer for ISTQB –CTFL and for QA management courses.
  • Mail:: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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