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Keren Butbul


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  • The Deliberate Tester – Chapter 5: Logged In

    The Deliberate Tester – Chapter 5: Logged In Back in 2011, I approached Rob Lambert at the Software Testing Club on a small series, packed into a narrative format as I wanted to try that out. Rob decided to run that series on the Software Testing Club back then, and I had some fun writing it. Skip forward 11 years, and the Software Testing Club no longer exists, it’s been a while since I have been in touch with Rob, yet I figured, let’s see how this series aged over the years. As a sort of throwback Friday for myself, I will publish the entries on a weekly basis, and read along with you. I think I ended up with eight chapters in the end and might add a reflection overall at the end. In case you want to catch up with the previous parts, I published these ones earlier: Chapter 1: Session-based explorationChapter 2: Facing the Business with AutomationChapter 3: Fallacies and PitfallsChapter 4: The Challenge The Deliberate Tester Chapter 5: Logged In “Ok, April, tell me about the business rules for the login.”“Alright, Peter. Users may log in using a previously created username and a password. The username is given by the system administrator. Any letters or digits shall be allowed. The password has to include at least two letters, at least two digits, and at least one symbol, while being at least 8 characters long.”“So, this is also checked at the login screen?”“Yes. To avoid a security hole storing wrong passwords in the database.”“In that[…]

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  • Selecting dependencies

    Selecting dependencies Open source software is everywhere. Most likely you are using some open source projects either at work and/or in your side projects.Pros and cons of using dependenciesOne of the upsides of using Java as a programming language, is that there are libraries and frameworks available to do many of the things we want to do in our projects, but don’t necessarily want to write ourselves. Using existing libraries and frameworks helps us deliver business value faster.Unfortunately, there are also downsides to using external dependencies. The most dangerous being when security vulnerabilities are found in libraries many of us use, like the Log4Shell vulnerability in the log4j logging library that was disclosed in December 2021 and the Spring4Shell vulnerability in Spring in March 2022. These vulnerabilities were so severe that we had to patch all our services ASAP. Even if the version of a dependency you use does not have any known vulnerabilities, you might need to update them for other reasons.In addition, adding dependencies to your project also has an impact on the size of your binary. For example, Brian Vermeer has created a demo to show the number of lines of code written versus number of lines pulled in by Spring. Granted, he admits that “this was the most useless Rest endpoint you could ever write”, but this demo clearly shows how the code pulled in by dependencies can overshadow to amount of code you write yourself.A balancing actThis means we have to think carefully about which dependencies we want to[…]

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  • Five Blogs – 30 September 2022

    The (best) five blogs we can read today. Check them out. How To Reduce The Scope Of Testing During Testing Written by: Han Toan Lim Schwerpunkt: The Killer Strategic Concept You’ve Never Heard Of (But Really Need To Know!) Written by: Greg Satell The Future of QA in DevOps Written by: Amy Hawman On the Shoulders of 112 Giants Written by: Jesper Ottosen Fake Accounts Are Not Your Friends Written by: Jonathan Care Quote of the day: “People who don’t appreciate your presence, only deserve your absence” -Alexander Auron You can follow this page on Twitter

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