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  • Five Blogs – 22 January 2020

    The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out. Expanding my Horizons – The End of QA As We Know It Written by: Ursula Beiersdorf What is a Unit Test? Part 2: classical vs. London schools Written by: Vladimir Khorikov Would Heu-risk it? Part 10: Forever and never. Written by: Lena Pejgan Wiberg 4 Words to Help You Build a Powerful Team Written by: David Dye Unknowing Leadership Written by: Steve Keating Quote of the day: “Take responsibility of your own happiness; never put it in other people’s hands.” -Roy T. Bennett You can follow this page on Twitter

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  • Why using branches is good for your tests

    Why using branches is good for your tests Branches are beautiful, on trees. Branches in the code are not what many testers like to work with. The whole branching process appears to be very cumbersome: creating the branch, keeping it up to date with the main branch, deleting it once the work is done, these all seem to take a lot of time and to not be the most fun activities. However, there are some situations when branching really needs to be considered. When you are working on sprint tasks that require you to create new code, maybe you don’t want or need to branch. New classes can be easily added to the main branch, without disrupting code that other people write in the same project, as long as everybody is working on different tasks/classes/methods. However, adding the new code to the code repository needs to be done in such a way that it does not break the code project and allows it to compile and run successfully. Incomplete code, that does not even compile locally, should not be pushed to the code repository. The newly written test code should also not break the continuous delivery pipeline runs. This means that tests committed to the main branch are complete and need to pass (as long as there is no bug in the functionality they are testing). Otherwise, if the commit is not a fully functional and correct test, the pipeline will stop when the committed test is run, and the CI process is broken, even though there is[…]

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  • First Challenges as a New Product Owner

    Imagine it’s your first day at a new school and you are asked to join the basketball team as their captain and coach. Everyone is playing along nicely when you show up, the new kid. You have been playing basketball for some time but you never had any decision making position before. And now here […]

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  • אל תחכה שיתנו לך הזדמנות
    אל תחכה שיתנו לך הזדמנות אם אתה רוצה להתפתח - אל תחכה שיתנו לך הזדמנות, קח אותה - למד, בצע והדגם הדבר בזמנך הפנוי - מישהו כבר יאמץ את זה וייתן לך את הקרדיט.   טיפים מחברי ITCB-AB
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  • אף פעם אל תפסיקו ללמוד - בדיקות
    אף פעם אל תפסיקו ללמוד - בדיקות אף פעם אל תפסיקו ללמוד - בדיקות " אף פעם אל תפסיקו ללמוד" – או כמו שנאמר "רק טיפשים יודעים הכל". מפעילותי בפורומים השונים בעולם הבדיקות בארץ ובעולם, תכופות אני רואה כיצד דווקא חסרי הניסיון, שרק…
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