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  • Would Heu-risk it? Part 14: Alethephobia

    Would Heu-risk it? Part 14: Alethephobia Another trap coming up! Trap means we get to look at our less attractive attributes. This one deals with important stuff so let us look at that rhyme: “When you find something scary while you exploreYou might be tempted to just shut the doorBut hiding it will never kill that ghostBring to light what scares you most” So, what does it mean? It can be incredibly intimidating to be the bringer of bad news. Especially if you are new to a team/project, if you are a junior tester or just have some very strong voices pushing for speed. I mean, there is even a meme for it! And yes, there is an art to knowing when/what/how to speak up and when it is better to wait. It is a skill grown and nurtured over the years and being good at assessing risk is one of the best skills you can have as a tester. BUT. It is a decision that should never be made out of fear!We have a professional obligation to speak up when we actually believe there is risk. People will try to push you. They will try to get creative with results in order to make progress. They might ask you to lie. It is YOUR choice if you do. I want to share Fiona Charles‘ 10 commandments for ethical techies here:1.     Understand your overall professional obligations2.     Understand your specific legal and contractual obligations3.     Know your own ethical bottom line4.     Know whose interests you serve5.     Know how[…]

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  • WebDrivers with culture – Testing internationalisation

    Setting ‘Accept-Language’ headers When handling multiple languages, it is important to be able to verify that your site is responding as specified for different languages. In this post I’ll be looking at how to do this with Selenium WebDriver. Whilst my code is written in C#, the concepts (and browser support) are generic and should give you enough to get this working whatever your language binding of choice. There are two common ways to request a language on a localised website. You may use a language or country specific url, but in most cases, the language that the site returns is based upon the ‘Accept-Language’ header that is sent by your browser. This article on MDN explains how it is typically used. Principles Test that your supported localisations are returned when correctly requested and perhaps a critical path or two. I would not advise trying to test every piece of text in every supported language.As always test as much as possible at lower levels. Use the System test to validate that your code is correctly configured. WebDriver Support As far as I can work out, setting the Accept-Language’ header for a WebDriver session is only supported on ChromeDriver and FirefoxDriver. If you know how to set it up on Internet Explorer or Safari I would be delighted to know how. I am writing this in January 2020 with Chrome version 79 and Firefox version 72 with Selenium 3.14.159. It is very likely that the instructions here will stop working eventually.[…]

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  • Upcoming Talks and Events 2020

    Upcoming Talks and Events 2020 The year 2020 has started on a good note. I am excited to have been invited to speak at amazing events. Here is a list of my upcoming talks and events– The details of each of these events and my talks can be found at their respective websites at-> Selenium Day : https://seleniumday.com/ DevopsCon Singapore: […]

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  • טיפים לאוטומציה יעילה - Dale Emery
    טיפים לאוטומציה יעילה - Dale Emery (How to Survive the Coming Test Automation Zombie Apocalypse (PDF slide deck By Dale Emery bit.ly/15XFGkp סט שקופיות מעולה המתאר את מרבית המחלות התוקפות פעילויות אוטומציה - ומדגיש כיצד לטפל בהן! על כל שקופית ניתן לפתוח…
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  • למדו מתי להשתמש באוטומציה ומתי לא
    למדו מתי להשתמש באוטומציה ומתי לא למדו מתי להשתמש באוטומציה ומתי לא "למדו מתי להשתמש באוטומציה ומתי לא" – תחילה – חשוב ללמוד כי למרות ההבטחות של כמה ממשווקי הכלים אין אוטומציה ללא תכנות, בסופו של דבר עם כל ההקלות שחלק מן…
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