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חדשות מעולם הבדיקות

  • What is continuous testing?

    By Lisa Crispin Even when I worked on waterfall teams, we tested early and often. We got ourselves invited to analysis and requirements meetings. We tested requirements docs. We asked questions. We tested as the developers delivered code, even before “code freeze”. We also worked closely with customer support to learn about how customers used the features after they were delivered. (I realize not all teams using a phased-and-gated approach do all that, but that approach should not stop teams from using good practices!) Extreme Programming (XP) made so much sense to me because it embraced testing and quality as the responsibility of the entire delivery team. In agile development, we focus on building quality in, we test ideas, we automate regression tests, we explore delivered code, we test in production. These same practices apply to teams who use the “DevOps” label as well. That’s why Dan Ashby’s post in 2019 on “continuous testing” resonated so much with me. His visual model captures what is in my brain when I see the term “continuous testing”. With his permission, I often use this model to help others understand the concept: But there are different definitions! Recently, someone posted a link to a short Twitter thread from earlier this year where continuous testing was defined quite differently. Basically, this alternative definition is only about running automated tests in the continuous integration, delivery, deployment pipelines. I started asking around to see how other people define “continuous testing”, and some people shared that definition[…]

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  • Concentrate.

    So I’m a bit of a higgledy piggledy person in general, a messy storm of ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I can be Rand Al Thor with his flame in the void, focussing on one task or feeling until it’s done. But just like Rand Al Thor, I have a tendency to take on too much, juggling tasks until I become a miserable old sod no one wants to be around because I have so much to do, don’t you understand how stressful it is just to be me? (Rand is a fictional character in the fantasy series The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan) To help me reign in and control some of the tendencies for picking up more and more tasks until I get overwhelmed by my own stupidity and shortsightedness, I have been using a Trello board to track everything I want to do. I wrote a blog post about it at the time I began, and I suppose this is the update on how that’s going and how my process has evolved since then. The Toggl Incident An aside on efficiency and my learning habits: there was an incident, I call it The Toggl Incident. For about a month, I used toggl.io to track how much time I spent on various tasks by separating them into different types. See below for an example from one week: Manual Testing 43% – Meetings 37% – Personal Development 11% – Devving 7% – Regression 1% (note that on the[…]

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  • הערכות זמנים הינן תהליך חשוב להצלחת הבדיקות
    הערכות זמנים הינן תהליך חשוב להצלחת הבדיקות הערכות זמנים הינן תהליך חשוב להצלחת הבדיקות לא תמיד יעזור להוסיף בודקים  - זכרו "תשע נשים לא יולדות בחודש..." להוספת בודקים יש עלויות נלוות של הכשרה, ניהול ועוד. לעיתים קרובות ניתן לשפר היעדים מבלי לפגום באיכות…
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  • לבדוק או לא לבדוק? - זאת השאלה
    לבדוק או לא לבדוק? - זאת השאלה לבדוק או לא לבדוק - זאת השאלה לא תמיד צריך לבצע כל בדיקה עליה חשבנו או אותה תכננו, ועלינו תמיד לשקול עלות מול תועלת, שהרי ככל שעבודת הבדיקות מתארכת – כך גם יתעכב תאריך שחרור הגרסה…
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