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    Coffee was brewing for the third time. It was dead silent in the dorms. Only a dim screen lit the room and steady tap of the keyboard took flight. It was 3am and the deadline was approaching fast.That was the story of my life. When I studied back at the University of Oulu in Finland I got myself into trouble on a regular basis. I procrastinated on starting with my project reports and essays for days. My small apartment was super tidy, I had taken care of calling both grand moms twice during the week and even dragged my ass to the gym every day.Have you experienced similar situations? Basically everything except the important paper was taken care of. My ways of postponing the inevitable were clever and creative. But the last evening before the deadline always came. Usually around 5pm I brewed my first coffee and got to work.I did the same drill every semester with every report paper and every project. And never failed once. The work got magically done, no matter how big it was. In the morning I stormed in to the course assistants room and delivered my results. It’s uncanny how naturally everything worked out when the deadline came. It’s always the final hours before the deadline that are the most productive hours for me.Last year I started a new project, because I wanted to write a book about software testing. Once again I found myself filling the days up with pointless meetings, email and social media combined[…]

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