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    More Selenium4 Goodies After my previous post on Selenium 4 Relative Locators, I further explored Selenium4 features and found a few more goodies in WebElement and WebDriver interfaces. Element Screenshots Yes, now we can capture screenshot of an individual element or group of elements. This is a very useful feature. I talked about capturing elements screenshots in my Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook. However, the new feature added in Selenium 4 (alpha-3) is inbuilt and much simpler. The WebElement interface now supports getScreenShotAs() method by implementing the TakesScreenshot to capture a screenshot of the element. This method accepts the OutputType argument and screenshots can be captured as FILE, BYTES or BASE64 string. Let’s try to capture screenshot of a link and the search box displayed on Google Search Home page: // find the Images link on Google Search home page WebElement imagesLink = driver.findElement(By.linkText("Images")); // take a screenshot of the link element File linkScr = imagesLink.getScreenshotAs(OutputType.FILE); FileUtils.copyFile(linkScr, new File("./target/linkScr.png")); We can also capture a group of elements by taking a screenshot of the parent element. Here is a complete example capturing the Images link and the search box: The new getRect() method The new getRect() method is introduced in WebDriver interface which is essentially a combination of previous getSize() and getLocation() methods. Here’s a difference between previous methods and new the getRect() method which returns a Rectangle object: New additions in WebDriver In addition, to maximize() method, the browser window can now be made fullscreen by using the new fullscreen() method: driver.manage().window().fullscreen(); A new method parentFrame() method[…]

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    In the trainings students quite often want to hear the only right answer to the question, even if I said earlier that there are multiple solutions. I am very cautious with examples as well because they are threatened often as only possible ways how to use/adapt. To overcome this, I give diverse examples, but my […]

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    5 Things to Read Agility is responsiveness to change: An essential definition Agile Transformation are not about putting testers and developers on the same floor or have a 10-min meeting about what people are doing. “The only code the does not change is dead code”. And agility is about responding to change fast and effectively, keeping the long-term health of software well. Breaking Illusions with testing by Maaret Pyhäjärvi Great talk by Maaret Pyhäjärvi about her experience as the only tester focused on exploration in a team that deploys multiple times a day to prod and has close to no formal documentation for feature development planning (NO JIRA!). Great lessons on the core concept of Exploratory Testing, how non-testers use it, and how test specialists can use exploration to super-charge the whole team regarding risks and quality. Quality pattern 1: Treat your acceptance criteria as tests Erik Zeedijk talks about the importance of good Acceptance Criteria and how to use Example Mapping to come up with simple, but straightforwardly testable Acceptance Criteria. ITkonekt 2019 | Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), Clean Architecture and Design This talk by Bob Martin brings not only technical knowledge about boundaries and its core importance in Clean Architecture, but also it has a call for development of us as professionals. And if it has not provoked you to watch, he will try to convenience you that database are not an important architectural decision and that they should be almost never seen in your code. Scrum[…]

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