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ITCB® is the Israeli Organization for certification of software testers, the sole accredited representative in Israel of the ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualification Board). ITCB® supports the certification program for Software Testing professions, and carries out examinations for International certification, in accordance with different professional levels of knowledge. This program must adhere to the International standards of the ISTQB®, in accordance with ISTQB's statue, which is publicized and updated from time to time. Every program of study is given as a course by training institutes that have been recognized and qualified by the ITCB®. Each course ends with an exam that covers the content of the course. Success in the exam grants the International title of ITCB Certified Tester, together with the ISTQB® Compliant logo.

Foundation Level Syllabus (2011)

ISTQB® Glossary of Testing Terms Version:2.2

Advanced level Syllabus (2007)

Accreditation regulations

Accreditation fees and payments

About ITCB®
ITCB® was founded in the year 2004, and was recognized that same year as an accredited representative of the ISTQB®. The ITCB organization is legally registered under the laws of Israel. Its full name is – The Israeli Testing Certification Board. The members of the organization are professionals in the field of software testing, who volunteer in the organization, with no profit intended. The ITCB® organization is an accredited and recognized branch of the ISTQB®, as of April 2004, and the members of the Israeli association participate actively and effectively in the operational committees of the international organization.Main objective To promote software testing and computerized system testing as a recognized profession in Israel, by training testers and granting certification in this field. Vision ITCB becoming the leading organization for software testing certification in Israel.

About ISTQB®
The ISTQB® was founded in Edinburgh on November 2002 as an International Organization certifying professionals on the subject of Computer Software Testing.  The central organization is responsible for the National Representative Boards, it is also in charge of defining the certification programs and general work lines for all organization members. The “ISTQB® Certified Tester” certification is internationally recognized. The organization has now more than 40 national and regional board members and 120,000 Certified Test Engineers Worldwide. 

Additional information can be found on the Organization’s Site: http://www.istqb.org

ITCB® President words

Dear colleagues,

ISTQB® Certified Tester is the primary international certification in the field of software testing which is available in Israel. If you see yourselves as Software Testing professionals and wish to obtain an international certificate which recognizes this, then this topic of certification should be of your interest. Allow me to invite you to a brief tour of acquaintance with certification and its professional views.

It has been more than a decade now, that we – Testing Managers – have been working together with Development Managers (whether in Startup companies, High-Tech companies or in various government offices), who expect us daily to show technical understanding, innovativeness and professionalism in our field. Professionalism was always the key word when searching for success. The field of Software Testing has been rapidly developing in the country over the past years, and it is only natural for professionals to be sought out here.

You certainly have been asked by your managers – or perhaps have even dared to ask yourselves – how do you test? What do you test? Where do you start from? Is the product / system good or not? Are we ready for the customer’s testing? Are we ready to launch – despite the tight schedule of the project? How many bugs have been detected and how many were closed? What is the severity of their impact on the system? Is the version of the product converging? What is the optimal Return of Investment (ROI) to expect in testing? Is there such, and how can it be measured?

Answers to these questions and many more can be found in our professional study program, whose guidelines are laid out by the ISTQB® – International Software Testing Qualification Board – the first international organization for software testing certification.

ISTQB® is represented in Israel by the Israeli Testing Certification Board – ITCB® – of which I was elected head. As the president of the organization, I also represent it at the international board of similar organizations from various countries.

“Why do we need certification? (Anyone can test software…).” This was a common question up until less than a decade ago. Fortunately, we can curb this saying a bit, in light of the first signs of understanding that Software Testing is a profession by all means (and not "anyone" can be accepted, rather there are requirements and criterions). This understanding is the first step of many which must be taken until our profession is placed in the same line as other engineering professions. (Such steps could be: advancement courses, salary raises, preferred hiring of people with proven theoretical knowledge in the field, etc.)

Nevertheless, why do we require certification in our field of work and are not satisfied with training?

First, let us see what our counterparts did in the field of programming. Well, there are certifications and degrees in the fields of software development, computer science (universities and colleges), Project Management certification (PMI), certification for development tools, operating systems (MCSE) and more… We can deduct from this, that where professional knowledge is organized, where proficiency is required, and where there are needs and expectations, the need for adequate training and the awarding of certification to testify to this acquired knowledge – is also present.

Next, let us take a look at all the environmental conditions and at the competitiveness which exist in the world of software development. Today more than ever, the companies see the need to enrich the knowledge of their employees and to receive confirmation for their level of success in their training, in order to ensure the position they have attained or to allow them to advance to a position needed for their next job. The employees, on their part, understand that the training is not enough; it should be accompanied by written proof, literally – a diploma. The two sides here – the employers and the employees – realize that today, local training and certification do not suffice; there is understanding – and a need, as well – for acquiring internationally-related knowledge, international recognition, and international certification. All these together grant recognition, both to the employees personally or professionally, as well as to the company with which the employee is professionally associated.

The “ISTQB® Certified Tester” is the basic international certification, whose objective is “One Certification for All”. This isn’t merely a motto; It is the reality in which the ISTQB exists and operates, with over 46 member countries (among these: the US, Germany, England and India), and more than 120,000 certified foundation level testers (as of October 2009). This certification granted in Israel is valid in all countries in which the organization operates. The certification granted to a tester by the ISTQB® in any member country, ensures a similar level of knowledge as possessed by a tester certified in Israel.

The main objectives of the organization are:

  -  Preservation and constant updating of the knowledge in software testing.
  -  Promoting international cooperation in the creating of professional study programs, which combine
     knowledge,  experience and methodologies from the best experts in the world. These study plans
     were written by well-known professionals who are members of the management committees of the
    various training systems of the ISTQB®. (The accumulated experience of the authors of the ISTQB®
    Foundation Level study programs amounts to more  than 150 years of experience of the best 
    experts in the field).  Strictness and preciseness in all aspects of the certification: The learning
    materials and exams are thoroughly and professionally inspected.

There are many advantages regarding certification, among those are:

    Appreciating testing as a profession
    Acquiring the accumulated knowledge of international experts, which is then summarized in professional study courses.
    The ability to make gradual progress which is professionally supervised and assisted by three levels of certification, in ascending order of difficulty.
    Confidence in understanding testing processes and the ability to create useful and helpful tests. These advantages mentioned are helpful not only to those who received certification, but also to anyone with whom they work: Testing Managers, interfaces which operate against the testers, the organization/company, as well as the clients.

Over 1,500 Testers and Testing Managers have been certified in Israel by the ITCB® during its five years of activity. The trend shows a rise in the number of those registered to professional courses offered by the large training providers in Israel, to conventions, to professional forums (in Israel and abroad) and also a rise in the demand to receive the prestigious ISTQB Certified Tester certification. The forecast for the year 2010 is optimistic, with an estimated 500 additional certified testers in Israel.

The ISTQB® organization, which, as mentioned, includes over 46 countries, incorporates the best professionals in Software Testing, who dedicate their vigor and time to pass on the knowledge, and consolidate it into an accepted study plan, with a uniform and common style. The organization is voluntarily and a non-profit one. The ISTQB® provides a parent-organization to an international community of over 120,000 certified Testers and Testing Engineers worldwide. The levels of ISTQB® certification are: Foundation Level, Advanced Level and Expert Level. Today, people in Israel can take the Foundation Level Certification exams (see upcoming dates on this site). At the beginning of 2008, we launched the Advanced Certification exams, while the Expert Level Certification should be available during 2010, or the latest by 2011.

Let me conclude with a recommendation: Come and take a step in upgrading your professional career, by adding the international ISTQB® Certified Tester certification to your resume. This way you will achieve recognition for your knowledge, belong to a unique and broad international community, widen your professional ties with other experts in the field, and pave the road to continued professional development.


Yaron Tsubery


Executive Board Members

  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Yaron Tsubery
    • Degree title: BSc. Computer Science
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level
    • Title in ITCB®: Executive Board Member, ITCB® President
    • Current Job title/company: Director QA & Testing manager, Comverse, Israel
    • Overall years in field: 18 years in Software development and testing. Fields of interests: SW development, SW project management, engineering and testing management
    • Additional Information: 18 years experience in SW development, SW project management, engineering and testing management. Main expertise: Consulting to new organizations; Coaching new test managers; System engineering and analysis. Director QA & Testing manager, Comverse, Israel
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Alon Linetzki
    • Degree title: MBA, B.Sc. Statistics
    • Certification title: CTAL-Test Analyst and Test Manager, CSM, LQA-ISO-9000
    • Title in ITCB®: Vice President & Marketing director
    • Current Job title/company: Managing Director, Best-Testing
    • Overall years in field: 28 years in IT and 18 in testing
    • Fields of interests: Agile Testing, Transition to Agile, Agile Coaching, Test strategy, Risk based testing, Test Process improvement, Test automation, Communication skills, Test management and Test Design
    • Additional Information: Alon Linetzki has been a coach and consultant in the fields of development, testing and quality assurance for the last 28 years. He is the managing director (founder), and test expert at Best-Testing. He is a popular speaker at international conferences, and has coached and consulted to professional engineers and all levels of managers worldwide. He has written many courses and workshops, and in the last 8 years in the areas of Agile testing, Transition to agile testing and Exploratory Testing as well as Test Optimization, Risk Based Testing, Test Requirements and Root Cause Analysis. Alon has co-established the Israeli branch of the ISTQB® - ITCB (2004), and leads the ISTQB® Partner Program. He has established the SIGiST Israel – Israeli Testing Forum (2000), and serves voluntarily as the Chairman ever since.
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: David Bassa
    • Degree title: B.A in economics, Computer Science Studies in M.Sc
    • Title in ITCB®: Executive Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: CEO, Sela Group, Israel
    • Overall years in field: 9 years in Software Development, 18 years in managing Software House.
    • Fields of interests: R&D, Management & Training in SW & Testing
    • Additional Information: David Bassa is the CEO and co-founder of SELA, the leading knowledge centre for high-tech and IT industry since 1990. Prior to establishing Sela, David had lectured at the Bar-Ilan University and other private institutes. He was awarded with the President Excellency Award for serving the community (1981) and managed the Israeli branch of AIESEC organization where he got the hall of fame award.
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Yan Baron
    • Degree title: MSC, Computers
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level
    • Title in ITCB®: Executive Board Member, Promotion Director
    • Current Job title/company: QA ALM expert.
    • Overall years in field: 35 years in Software testing.
    • Fields of interests: Testing methodology and management, Product life cycle management, Automation
    • Additional Information: SIGIST (www.sigist.org.il) Executive Board member, SIGIST Israel Testing Conference, Program Chair for 6 years. ISTQB, Marketing Group, Surveys stream leader
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Michael Stahl
    • Degree title: BSc. EE
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level, Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Manager, Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Analyst, Certified Tester Advanced Level – Technical Test Analyst.
    • Title in ITCB®: Executive Board Member, Advisory Board Chair, Examination Chair.
    • Current Job title/company: Intel, Mobile Wireless Group, SW Validation Architect
    • Overall years in field: 12 years in Software testing.
    • Fields of interests: Test strategy; Test Methodology; SW Requirements
    • Additional Information: Michael Stahl is a SW Validation Architect at Intel. Michael's team validates the software that controls Intel's WiFi and WiMAX network cards. Before starting his career in SW testing (in 2000), Michael worked at Intel’s fab in Jerusalem, Israel, as a chip-level test engineer.
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Tal Pe'er
    • Degree title: BA
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level, Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Analyst
    • Title in ITCB®: Executive Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: Test Manager, Kongsberg Maritime
    • Overall years in field: 17 Years in Software Testing.
    • Fields of interests: Test management, test methodologies, Test Process Improvement
    • Additional Information: Tal has vast experience in software testing as a tester and team leader, consultant and trainer, testing various technologies such as EW systems, NMS systems, digital video solutions and more.

Advisory Board Members

  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Avi Ofer
    • Degree title: Ph.D. of Tel Aviv University
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level, Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Analyst.
    • Title in ITCB®: Advisory Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: Senior consultant at ALM4U
    • Overall years in field: 30 years in Research and Process Analysis, 10 years in SQA
    • Fields of interests: E2E Quality process and improvement
    • Additional Information: TTI-Telecom: Escorting whole SW lifecycle quality; design and execution of Acceptance Tests, all with complete success, for customers around the world. Intel: Leading E2E quality methodologies, including original methods to write requirements and to report SW Quality; significant contribution to double the product quality. Leading the Palmach next generation; developing the Independence War Park in Kibbutz Maanit; moderator of the Israeli Scuba Diving Forum; consultant of human rights organizations
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Ester Zabar
    • Degree title: M.Sc. Chemical Engineering
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level, Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Analyst, Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Manager.
    • Title in ITCB®: Advisory Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: Manager at AQA
    • Overall years in field: 12 years in Software Development and 11 years in Software Testing Management
    • Fields of interests: Procedures, Test Management, Automation, Performance
    • Additional Information: Founder of AQA – a unique company that train & integrate people having Asperger Syndrome in Software testing. http://www.aqa.co.il/
    • Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Igal Levi
    • Degree title: B.A in Management Business & Practical Engineer in computers.
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level
    • Title in ITCB®: Advisory Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: Senior Director Global QA
    • Overall years in field: 13 years in Software Testing.
    • Fields of interests: Prepress, CTP (computer to plate) and digital equipments for the graphic arts. Financial Crime, Risk & Compliance
    • Additional Information: Having experience in multi Disciplinary products which include software, Hardware, Reliability and HSE testing. recently moved to Financial Crime, Risk & Compliance market. Experience with establishing and managing WW testing groups (Creo, Kodak, Nice Actimize). Methodology and tools development support SW and HW testing activities during the product life cycle. Trainer for ISTQB –CTFL and for QA management courses.
    • Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Shlomit Halevi
    • Degree title: Computer Science Practical Engineer Hadassah College.
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Manager.
    • Title in ITCB®: Advisory Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: Testing and QA Senior Staff Engineer at NDS Technologies, Jerusalem.
    • Overall years in field: Started working is the testing arena from 1998, filled various test roles over time, including test engineer, test manager, and mentor for others filling these roles.
    • Fields of interests: : Test Strategies with focus on multi-site testing projects, effective and useful testing processes, project retrospectives, training & mentoring test engineers, leading and maintaining efforts for continuous improvements in the delivery and development processes.
    • Additional Information: Life & Business Coach – Certified by CoachMe College 2006 – Coach people to define & fulfill their dreams. NLP practitioner–“ Kivunei Haruch” training center 2010 – help people have better, fuller, and richer lives by using NLP guided imagination techniques. Hobbies: Photography & Designing Digital Albums Building, supporting & maintaining a happy family happy family
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Gil Shekel
    • Degree title: BA in Political Science from the Hebrew University. Currently studying toward a MA degree in Philosophy of Science
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level
    • Title in ITCB®: Advisory Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: Staff Engineer at Cisco-NDS
    • Overall years in field: 18 years in Software Testing.
    • Fields of interests: Test automation, Digital TV
    • Additional Information: You can contact Gil anytime at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Dani Almog
    • Degree title: Doctorand at Ben-Gurion University
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level
    • Title in ITCB®: Advisory Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: Teacher and researcher at Ben-Gurion University
    • Overall years in field: 18 years S/W development and testing.
    • Fields of interests: Academic research of the interaction between development processes and quality/testing.
    • Additional Information: Teaching SW quality Engineering and testing, and research the interaction between the development processes and the quality/testing trying to introduce to the academic world some of the achievements and work models we have developed in Amdocs and the industry in all. Dani also tries to apply the open thinking and free spirit of the academy into new paradigms trying to influence industry.
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Ofer Feldman
    • Degree title: Computer Science Practical Engineer, System analyst, TLV University - faculty of senior management.
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level
    • Title in ITCB®: Advisory Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: OF Info Systems (Self Owned company)
    • Overall years in field: 25 years experience in Testing, Development, system analyst, ERP Implementer. Huge experience as trainer, lecturer and mentor.
    • Additional Information: Headed software testing projects and teams directly or in matrix structure from Design Development Testing towards Production. Managed at Amdocs: R&D ST, ReleaseManager of largest development version of flagship product, setup and managed the Maintenance and Customer Support group.
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Ayal Zylberman
    • Degree title: B.A. in Accounting and Economics, M.A. in Economics
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level
    • Title in ITCB®: Advisory Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: President at QualiTest Group
    • Overall years in field: 17 Years in Software Testing.
    • Fields of interests: Test Management, Metrics, Test Automation, Test Outsourcing
    • Additional Information: Senior Software Test Specialist and President of QualiTest Group (www.QualiTestGroup.com), a leading global software testing firm with over 1300 testers worldwide. Has been in the field of Software Testing since 1995. Ayal has worked as a Software Tester, Test Lead and Test Manager in several organizations such as: Jerusalem Bank, Teleknowledge, T-Mobile and more. Published dozens of professional articles and active speaker in Israeli and international conferences. Ayal is a co-founder of “Think Testing” – the first Israeli Software Testing Magazine.
    • Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Kobi (Jacob) Halperin
    • Degree title: Electronics sub-Eng.
    • Certification title: Certified Tester Foundation Level
    • Title in ITCB®: Advisory Board Member
    • Current Job title/company: V&V Networking Testing at Ceragon Networks.
    • Overall years in field: 19 years as tester and test manager in the Telecom field.
    • Fields of interests: Test Process improvement, Test Management - Design and strategy, Test automation, testing tools improvement.
    • Additional Information: Seasoned tester and test manager in the Telecom/Datacom field (SDH, TDM, Eth, Optics, Radio, NMS), Highly involved in community forums; seeking to widen discussions in the field of testing. Involved in design improvement of freeware testing tools.
    • twitter: @halperinko
  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Dakar Shalom
    • Additional Information: ISTQB CTFL , Has 18 years experience in Software testing and QA from tester to senior project manager and methodology implementation. Served as division test manager of 50 testers in amdocs and managed up to 6 different QA projects worldwide in parallel. Dakar main specialized areas of consulting and training are: test strategy, test management, automation strategy, defect management and analysis, building & maintaining effective and efficient testing teams, risk based testing and TPI. In addition Dakar is coaching, executive management, test managers and test leaders on cross QA and testing strategic topics.


  • מידע נוסף
    • Name: Gil Danon
    • Degree title: BA
    • Title in ITCB®: ITCB Admin Manager
    • Overall years in field: 12 years in administration managing
    • Additional Information: As an Admin Manager responsible for legal registration at Israel Ministry of Justice and ISTQB in Belgium, general managing over working groups, holding certification exams and issuing the certificates, addressing applicant queries, working with accredited training providers and fluent office managing. 3 years in AFIK College, 3 years in StoreCollege (retail), 6 years in ITCB.