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מחפש צרות - חדשנות - כל פעם אותו סיפור - מיכאל שטאל (עולם הבדיקות גיליון #10)

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מחפש צרות - כל פעם אותו סיפור - מיכאל שטאל (עולם הבדיקות גיליון #10)

לפני שעברתי לבדוק תוכנה, עבדתי במפעל היצור של אינטל בירושלים. גם שם עסקתי בבדיקות – אבל כחלק מעולם הייצור. העולם השני של אינטל הוא עולם הפיתוח. " R&D " למי שמעדיף את השם היותר-יוקרתי. הרבה מההילה של פיתוח נובע מזה שבהגדרה עושים שם משהו חדש. משהו שלא היה קיים קודם. ממציאים.
האמת היא שגם בעולם הייצור המצאנו לא מעט דברים – אבל זה לא הנושא היום. אני רוצה להתמקד יותר במיתוס שבפיתוח עוסקים בחדשנות.
אז האמת היא שכן – אכן עוסקים בחדשנות. אבל השאלה היא באיזה מינון. אם נחפור קצת פנימה נראה שהחלק של ההמצאה והחידוש הוא יחסית נמוך. מרגע שיש רעיון חדש והוא נכנס לתוכנית העבודה – מכאן והלאה רוב המאמץ הוא בביצוע פעולות שכבר עשינו הרבה פעמים בעבר...

מאמר זה הופיע בגיליון #10 של מגזין עולם הבדיקות - לצפייה בפורמט המלא כולל קישורים וכד' ובשאר מאמרי גיליון זה:


TW10 SeekingTrouble Innovation MichaelS 01

TW10 SeekingTrouble Innovation MichaelS 02


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    In a recent standup I was (flippantly) accused of being a "typical tester" because we were discussing a point that wasn't clear in the spec and I refused to offer an opinion over what the interpretation should be. It's not that I didn't have an opinion (I have many, as frequent readers of this blog will be all too aware), but in this particular case it wasn't an opinion that was needed; it was a decision. I won't go into the details, but there were a few ways the item in question could have been implemented, all equally valid. I felt that as a tester it wasn't my place to take that decision; my role is to ensure the decisions taken have been implemented correctly. Thinking back on this a few days later I realised that this was an important distinction to make when testing; while I may have a number of ideas of how a particular implementation can be improved, it's not appropriate to try and influence the solution based purely on my own thoughts. I need to keep my opinions to myself.Testers potentially have a lot of power; particularly when specifications are not as detailed as they could be, the raising of a defect can easily turn into a dictation of your whims and desires rather than a description of how the solution does not match the design. Not that there isn't a place for a tester to have views; particularly in a more agile sort of project, a[…]

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    I am going to take the rest of the year off from bullet points (and computers as much as I can) while I catch up on rest and other odds and ends. That said, here’s the final five for 2018. A huge, HUGE shoutout to heytaco – they have a fun “reward” system for slack teams, and they gave us a sweet deal on tacos for oneofthethree.slack.com. Truly a class act. I never thought about what made a company a “tech company” until I read this article. I enjoy reading stories about quality in other industries, and I especially enjoyed  this article on What You Miss When You Don’t See Quality as a System Holy shit is this a good article on how Netflix plays stuff on your computer. I gave a workshop and a keynote at the Test Leadership Congress in NYC last spring, where Anna Royzmann organized and hosted. Apparently, she has had some medical problem in Turkey – a friend of hers has started a gofundme to help with her. I/ABTesting made a donation to her cause, and I hope a few readers do too.

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    Blog Review 2018 And soon we are heading into 2019 and as a tradition of my blog, I always take the opportunity to look back what happened in the last year. The year 2018 was different for me. In terms of blogging and working. I shifted my focus from writing on my own blog to other blogs to support them with hopefully valuable content. Also as a tradition I like to share numbers about my readers, where there are coming from how many of you visited my blog and so on. However, I can’t deliver this information to you anymore. The reason is simple, thanks to new GDPR law in Europe, I removed ALL the tracking from the blog. I have no idea where you are coming from and how often you are here. But that is totally OK for me and I think for you as well . Highlights My testing highlights for this year where the 3 conferences I attended as a speaker. One of my favorite testing conferences on this planet are the Nordic Testing Days in Tallinn. Nordic Testing Days starting now @nordictestdays #softwaretesting #NTD2018 pic.twitter.com/PBBCPsJ73l — Daniel Knott (@dnlkntt) June 7, 2018 That escalated quickly with @nordictestdays @FriendlyTester #NTD2018 pic.twitter.com/CXJ3KmTs4P — Daniel Knott (@dnlkntt) June 6, 2018 It was fun to meet all the testing friends again and to have a nice speakers event, as you can see on the picture above . Next highlight was the first one day testing conference in Porto, organized by the guys[…]

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