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354000Certified testers world-wide

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354000 certified testers world-wide!

As of June 2014, ISTQB® has issued almost 354,000 certifications in over 100 countries world-wide, with a growth rate of more than 12,000 certifications per quarter.

See more facts and figures here: http://www.istqb.org/about-istqb/facts-and-figures.html 


ISTQB 354K Cert

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      I recently found myself in the situation of having to create a test strategy completely from scratch, for the “imminent” launch of a web app that I’d never actually seen or been involved in before.  Though faced with hurdles and pressured by time, it was a very interesting and enjoyable experience, where I felt […]

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    30 Days of Security Testing – Day Seventeen The challenge for Day Seventeen is – Research a recent hack/security breach This was a fun challenge with tonnes of material to pick from. I decided to look into the HSBC breach that I heard about on the IT Governance Weekly Podcast from the 9th of November. In a BBC article posted on the 6th of November, it claims that a number of HSBC US customers were affected by a data breach that compromised “information including account numbers and balances, statement and transaction histories and payee details, as well as users’ names, addresses and dates of birth.” HSBC claimed that the breach occurred between the 4th and 14th of October and affected less than 1% of their 1.4 million US users (which still sounds like an awful lot). The affected accounts were suspended and customers were forced to change their passwords in an attempt to stop the damage. Official information on how the accounts were accessed is slim, but it’s suggested that credential stuffing was used to “guess” customer’s usernames and passwords. Credential stuffing is where attackers use an automated script to attempt to log in using a list of known compromised usernames and passwords. This is another reason why people are recommended against using the same password across different sites. You might think it’s unfair for HSBC to carry the blame for this, it’s not their fault their users had weak or repeated passwords right? Well, sort of. Yes it’s true that people are human and it’s more natural[…]

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