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כיצד לפתח מערכת שליחת דוחות אוטומטית ל Bugzilla

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חמישי, 03 אוקטובר 2013 06:33
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How to develop you own Bugzilla report server


As part of Q.A manager tasks you are required to send various reports on your project quality.

If doing it the right way these reports can give you a lot of information on you projects for example:

Which module has the most critical bugs, how may bugs you team produces, what is the reopen bugs rate , bugs trends and a lot of other KPI which can give your managers information how to improve the quality of your projects.

There is a lot of knowledge in the Bugzilla Data base and you as a Team leader should use it to reflect this in formation correctly.

Several months ago I was asked to setup an automatic solution for generating Bugzilla reports based on several KPIs which our managers defined.

After searching the web I could not find a simple solution which suite our needs (at least not a simple one).

All of you probably familiar with a simple program called “excel” J.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get every day an excel report to you mail which reflect your products status, trends etc..

So…. Let’s start.

Bugzilla is using MySql DB, you can download mysql connector


And set up an ODBC connection


(you will need the correct privileges for connecting directly to the Bugzilla DB like username , password and port, ask you IT guys for that)

Now that you have the connection you can easily import data from Bugzilla DB to your excel file, perform all kind of calculations, generate graphs and use all of excel features as you like.

I have setup a windows schedule task for rendering the excel file on a daily bases and sending it to several managers.

Now I had to deal with another problem, our managers liked it so much that they started to ask me for additional reports which were very hard or even impossible to extract form Bugzilla the way the DB structure is.

So to overcome this I have setup additional MySql DB which saves snapshots from the original Bugzilla DB (it is very simple to install MySql DB , generate tables using HeidiSQL client).

You can export MySql queries from the original Bugzilla DB and import it to you snapshots DB.

Once again generate your reports from the snapshots DB.

All of the reports can be on the same excel file connecting to both MySql DB (see example)

I am sure that there are other ways achieving this task but I needed a free simple and flexible solution which everyone knows. 






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