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  • E2E Test Experiments With Cypress

    Cypress is a free and open source end-to-end testing framework which is easy to set-up and easy to use. It executes the tests in the browser so more like Selenium tests but way easy to start with. It is built on top of Mocha and makes asynchronous testing fun.  This post is a simple tutorial … Continue reading E2E Test Experiments With Cypress

    18.09.2019 | 3:30 קרא עוד...
  • Automate some of the things

    Automate some of the things Every so often, discussions in the online testing community turns to the “manual testing is dead” theme. Another iteration of this was kicked off earlier this week in the Ministry of Testing discussion group (https://club.ministryoftesting.com/t/automation-is-completely-taking-away-manual-qa/29150/5). I tried to ignore that inflammatory thread title for as long as I could without replying. I lasted about two days. Ultimately, using automated testing will deliver applications that work perfectly, but only as long as the users know how to use them. A user coming to the app cold, either without training (if the app is a business-related piece of software that demands it), or as a first-time user from the general population who will expect to be guided through the app intuitively, or with detailed instructions, may find the app unhelpful at best, and unusable at worst. A couple of years ago, I encountered a supermarket customer service terminal that I gave up on in disgust. First it needed to read my loyalty card – but the reader was broken. So I had to enter my address manually. But instead of entering the (UK) postcode first and first line of the address second (thus drilling down from an area to an individual address*), it asked for first line of address first and then postcode second. (So this was validating the address with the postcode rather than using the postcode to validate the address.) But my address appears on different databases formatted differently, and one of them is “wrong” (not the address I was[…]

    18.09.2019 | 4:44 קרא עוד...
  • Testing, Agile and DevOps – their roots and evolution by Dorothy Graham (#SwanseaCon)

    With a total of 4 tracks at SwanseaCon, it was hard to choose which talk to go. However, I could not pass up a chance to see Dorothy Graham talk about her own experiences in software development. I really enjoy learning about the history of computers. Just 3 weeks ago, I took a trip to Bletchley Park the home of the first programmable computers. This was where crytoanalysts managed to develop machines that could help solve the Enigma and Lorenz codes. I strongly recommend visiting. Dorothy Graham’s career doesn’t go as far back as world war 2, but she has had an impressive career regardless. In her talk, Dorothy Graham looks at the past, present and future of software testing. This includes looking back at her own career in software development, the introduction of DevOps and Agile and the changing attitudes in software testing. Introducing Software Testing We started by taking a brief look at Dorothy Grahams career, including some of the computers she worked on (one included punch cards). In the day before the internet, research and learning was a challenge. If you needed to read a journal, you had to either go to the library or apply to have one sent to you. There were very few books about software testing. Testing was often thought of as a necessary evil (if thought of at all) which was not helped by the lack of training or qualifications in the field. Recognizing its importance, Dorothy developed some courses in software[…]

    18.09.2019 | 2:00 קרא עוד...


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