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Carmon Rachel

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Carmon Rachel


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    מפתחת ובודקת תוכנה - תפקיד אחרון לפני 7 שנים ב- EVOLVEN מקימה ומנהלת מחלקת בדיקות כיום מרצה ומרכזת בתוכניות של חרדיות
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שלישי, 25 דצמבר 2018 09:12
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    Cristian Medina wrote an article recently called "Test Engineering Anti-Patterns: Destroy Your Customer Satisfaction and Crater Your Quality By Using These 9 Easy Organizational Practices" Of course, it's sarcastic, and aims to highlight many problems with organizational practices that reduce software quality. The article doesn't go out of character, and only promotes the anti-patterns. However, in this interview, we discuss each point, and the corollary of what you really should do. At least, our perspectives. Here's the list of all the points discussed in the article and in this episode: Make the Test teams solely responsible for quality Require all tests to be automated before releasing Require 100% code coverage Isolate the Test organization from Development Measure the success of the process, not the product. Metrics, if rewarded, will always be gamed. Require granular projections from engineers Reward quick patching instead of solving Plan for today instead of tomorrow Special Guest: Cristian Medina.Sponsored By: Azure Pipelines: Automate your builds and deployments with pipelines so you spend less time with the nuts and bolts and more time being creative. Many organizations and open source projects are using Azure Pipelines already. Get started for free at azure.com/pipelines Support Test & CodeLinks: Test Engineering Anti-Patterns: Destroy Your Customer Satisfaction and Crater Your Quality By Using These 9 Easy Organizational Practices — The article we discuss in the show. tryexceptpass — Cris's blog

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