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  • Array and ArrayList in Java | Selenium Interview Question

    Recently one of my friend has gone for interview in one of the leading travel domain company where he was asked about Array and ArrayList and interviewer was keen about performance of value insertion in Array and ArrayList. So lets begin with small introduction of Array and ArrayList. Array is a data structure defined in core java which stores multiple data of same type (Can store Object as well) and it is of fixed size.But if you want to learn more about Array and its implementation then I would suggest you, Read Arrays in Java and its implementation in WebDriver. Similarly ArrayList is part of Collection Framework which store similar kind of Objects and in the core of it, it use array. So if you want to learn more about ArrayList then I would suggest you to read Java Doc For ArrayList . So up to now we understand that both stores the data of same type but one have primitive data type along with object and other only takes object. But this is not the only thing that we need to remember. There are some parameters over which we need to analyse. Primitive: Array can store primitive data type like The post Array and ArrayList in Java | Selenium Interview Question appeared first on Abode QA.

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  • Applying agile principles to automation projects | Supreme Agile

    Applying agile principles to automation projects | Supreme Agile Automation projects can be very challenging, even for the most experienced teams. Each automation project has its own challenges, difficulties, and risks that cannot be forecast at the start of the project. In addition, there are other factors that can affect the project, such as the organizational culture, timelines, pressure from senior management and the available resources and their expertise.In this article, we will see how agile teams can use agile values and principles to meet challenges when facing an automation project. Now, it makes sense that agile teams can benefit from the agile manifesto and its main ideas when starting a large, complex automation project. Just think about the main concepts presented in the manifesto: collaboration, courage, safe environment, continuous feedback, communication, and most importantly: continuous improvement. Taking the Time to do it right the first time Every automation project will demand an investment from the team prior to finding the best solution. In addition, an agile team works under great pressure to deliver commitments after a very short period of time; therefore, the team must know how to work with senior management to get the time they need to succeed with the project.It’s very common that senior management focuses more on what the team delivers at the end of each sprint rather than on the work they need to do to succeed. Automation projects have a major impact on the whole project, but they are not delivered to the customer. This is why the team must get management[…]

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  • My experience with the AST BBST Foundations Course

    My experience with the AST BBST Foundations Course Late last year I was looking for courses on software testing that I could fit around my work and family commitments that wouldn’t break the bank. How I got onto the course I did a bit of research and the Black Box Software Testing (BBST) Foundations course caught my attention.  As I looked into the course on the Association for Software Testing (AST) website I discovered that they run a scholarship program where successful applicants would have their AST membership fees and BBST Foundations course fees waived. I applied and was lucky enough to be awarded one of 5 available scholarships for the year! In return for getting free membership, and all course fees waived I was asked to write an experience report on the course.  However, there were no requirements or constraints put on me to write an “approved” article – my findings are from my own experience and my own point of view.  Phew, that’s the disclaimer out of the way. Black Box Testing At this point you might be wondering “what is Black Box Testing?” – Wikipedia’s definition is “Black-box testing is a method of software testing that examines the functionality of an application without peering into its internal structures or workings.” All good software testers should have a solid foundation in black box testing – it’s one of the key tools in validating tests, and is a useful way to get an idea of how an app should work in the eye of the user. The Course The BBST[…]

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