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  • 30 Days of API Testing – Tools and Frameworks I use

    Most of the API testing I am doing at this point is exploratory testing. Currently the area I’m working in does not have a lot of test automation on the APIs. We have developer level unit tests in place on the actual implementation of the APIs, but we don’t have many regression tests that run the APIs externally. The tools I currently use for exploring APIs are largely a mixture of Postman and Python. I have used Postman to get in and figure out what an API looks like and the basics of what it can do. Then when I want to dive deeper and perhaps throw some interesting probes at it, I’ll dig in with the requests module in python.  I also use Postman to document the API so that we have a shared references for what it can do and so that I have something to come back to when things are changing.  One other thing I do is use Postman or SoapUI to make mock servers so that I can do front end testing of the components. Python can also help with doing front end testing. For one of our components we have a bunch of static ‘demo’ data that we can use.  Of course that data can become stale over time and so we need to occasionally refresh it.  I use python to automate this process. It can make the request to the API to get the new data and then do the cleanup need to[…]

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  • A proud moment

    I am happy to be among so many leading test automation practitioners on this list. Lists are hard, I am sure many deserving people are always left off. I’ve learned so much from the people on this list (as well as ones who aren’t on the list). (I would add a screenshot of my mention here, but WordPress refuses to upload files for me at the moment.) It’s my goal to give people who are interested in AI and ML in the context of testing and test automation more opportunities to learn about it, I’ve found it hard to find resources for beginners like myself. Let’s explore it together! I’ve got some webinars planned, and also hope to present more about it at conferences in the future. The post A proud moment appeared first on Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin.

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  • 7 Steps to Create a Test Strategy from Scratch

      I recently found myself in the situation of having to create a test strategy completely from scratch, for the “imminent” launch of a web app that I’d never actually seen or been involved in before.  Though faced with hurdles and pressured by time, it was a very interesting and enjoyable experience, where I felt […]

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