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  • Reading text for claims

    Reading text for claims Saving this up into my blog as an exercise I will have people do on testing courses, since the skill of reading text for claims the text makes is super important skill to have.Test the following text for the following claims. Are they true? If these claims are not true, what claims can we deduct out of the freeform text? Text claims the author has bought food on other people's expenseText claims the author has blackmailed Foodora in hopes of getting a rewardText claims that this text exists for purposes of continuing blackmail in hopes of a bountyText claims the author requires payment for work they have done Text claims author thinks there is work that was ordered (as in paid work)Text claims the author can add a meal that show up in final invoiceText claims that the author has tested in other people's production without their consentMaking these kinds of claims based on that text is libel. And some group of people decided it was a great idea to spend 11,5 minutes of their podcast on making these claims on a "reputable tester". Be careful with that inner voice of your experiences that you layer on anything and everything you read. 

    23.11.2020 | 2:23 קרא עוד...
  • What’s big deal with testers? Hit that punching bag !!!!

     Once in every 1 or 2 years - testing team or function comes under "question". I have seen this consistently for last 20 years. For business leaders, Heads of Business verticals - testing has been a punching bag. Whenever leadership changes or sales go low or profits fall - suddenly discussion on "efficiency" and throughput per person becomes an important metric. Why do we need such a big testing team? why cannot developers do all the testing required? Why not end users do the testing required? why cannot be automate this stuff and get testing head count out of equation? Why cannot we do crowd sourcing? - are the questions that business leaders ask. Testing leads and managers - start running from pillar to post to justify why they exist -- come up with all sorts weird metrics and process maps to show why testing required. But business leaders are hell bent on cutting that "extra" fat in the system. There go "testing team " out of the company.What is big deal about testing or testers ? They ask. First of all let us ask what is/ required to do testing? Knowledge of the system or business domain or technology that used to build it?  Let us explore...Business analysts know the product inside out as they have "defined" it (by writing down BRD - business requirements document). They should be the ones best suited to do all or required testing. No?Developers too claim that they know system inside out  -[…]

    23.11.2020 | 12:45 קרא עוד...
  • Stop paying users, start paying testers

    At work when I find a bug, I'm lucky. I follow through during my work hours, help with fixing it, address side effects, all the works. That's work.When I'm off work, I use software. I guess it is hard not to these days. And a lot of the software recently makes my life miserable in the sense that I'm already busy doing interesting things in life, and yet it has the audacity of blocking me from my good intentions of minding my business.Last Friday, I was enjoying the afterglow of of winning a major award, bringing people to my profile and my book, only to learn that my books had vanished from LeanPub. One the very day I was more likely to reach new audiences, LeanPub had taken them down! After a full excruciating day of thinking what was it that I did wrong to have my account suspended for authorship, LeanPub in Canada woke up to tell me that I had, unfortunately, run into a "rare bug". Next day I had my books back, and a more detailed explanation of the conditions of the bug. If I felt like wasting more of my time, I guess I could go about trying to make a case for financial losses.It took time of my busy day to figure out how to report the bug (not making it easy...) It caused significant emotional distress with the history of one book taken down in a dispute the claimant was not willing to take to courtIt most[…]

    23.11.2020 | 12:02 קרא עוד...


  • מבט טרי מביא באגים טריים
    מבט טרי מביא באגים טריים מבט טרי מביא באגים טריים באופן טבעי אנו כבודקים מתמחים בעבודה עם המוצר שאותו אנו בודקים, בהרבה מקרים זהו יתרון (אנו יכולים לזהות בעיות, לעבוד מהר יותר וכן הלאה), אך לעיתים זהו חיסרון – אנו מפתחים…
    קרא עוד...
  • אל תגיד "אוטומציה זה למומחים באוטומציה"
    אל תגיד "אוטומציה זה למומחים באוטומציה" אל תגיד "אוטומציה זה למומחים באוטומציה", הכל מתחיל בך! - שאל את עצמך על אילו פעולות אתה חוזר יותר מ-5 פעמים ביום? וכיצד תביא לכך שלא תצטרך לעשות זאת שוב?   טיפים מחברי ITCB-AB
    קרא עוד...
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