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  • Weighing Puppies

    Weighing Puppies Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. I'm not sure this has been truer for me than recently when last month I ended up with no job and a house full of puppies. This unexpected situation gave me a lot of holes in my diary/socks/shoelaces/furniture and the opportunity to clean up more excrement than when we potty trained our last child. It also presented me with a valuable exercise in making sure that, before you measure something, you know what that measure will be used for... The ChallengeI thought having four children made my life pretty hectic, but I realised how wrong I was when my wife recently offered to care for a new mother dog and her 7 puppies. The owner was a dog breeder who had sadly had to go into hospital unable to look after her heavily pregnant dog. My wife valiantly stepped in and offered to care for the mum dog and find homes for the puppies, which meant a few things: our full house got a whole lot fuller overnight, my wife's Facebook feed suddenly got dramatically busier, and I started getting a lot of attention from my children discussing the merits of family pets and how lovely it would be to keep a puppy.As part of preparing the puppies to go to their new home my wife and I were responsible for giving them some important medicine. We established that the medicine was administered based on the weight of each dog so we endeavoured[…]

    12.12.2018 | 5:23 קרא עוד...
  • Why I Got a Wonder Woman Tattoo

        As I sat back in the black, plastic wrapped chair, I felt the needle pierce my arm.  There’s something exciting and soothing about the sensation of a needle penetrating my skin, over and over.  Its gentle buzz comforts me.   “So, why Wonder Woman?” asked my artist, with equal parts curiosity and sweetness. […]

    12.12.2018 | 10:50 קרא עוד...
  • Little Islands

    Little Islands Little Islands Trawling the seas of knowledge Note: This is one of those rare posts )for me) where I have few to no suggestions as to how to proceed. Islands of Ignorance In my travels, I have seen many organisations from the inside, and many more from the outside.  In almost all cases, these organisations strike me as like little islands of ignorance in a huge sea of knowledge. As a mariner myself, I’m well aware of the bounty of these seas. So, maybe better placed than most to see the shortfalls in our organisations’ uptake of this bounty. Seas of Knowledge It’s never been easier to keep up with developments (sic) in praxis – in whatever fields of human endeavour interest us. And that’s probably even more true for the fields of collaborative knowledge work, software development and product development than for any other. And yet, almost every organisation I see operates on principles – from the executive management suite to the workers at the coal face – utterly disconnected from the seas of knowledge surrounding them. Principles grown stale and musty with the dust of ages past. Some organisations, having an inkling of their disconnection, make token efforts to bring outside knowledge in – with brown bag sessions, encouraging folks to attend meet-ups and conferences, hiring consultants from time to time, and so on. But like fishermen on the shore with fishing poles and spears hooking the occasional fish, this ain’t so effective. Few indeed are the organisations[…]

    12.12.2018 | 9:03 קרא עוד...


  • בודקים - זכרו כי מדובר באנשים
    בודקים - זכרו כי מדובר באנשים בודקים - זכרו כי מדובר באנשים "זכרו כי מדובר באנשים" (Tony Bruce) – בסופו של יום – כל מוצר ותוכנה מיועד לשרת צרכי אנשים. לעיתים מדובר בקהל אבסטרקטי שאיננו מכירים באופן אישי ואין לנו גישה אליו,…
    קרא עוד...
  • מבט טרי מביא באגים טריים
    מבט טרי מביא באגים טריים מבט טרי מביא באגים טריים באופן טבעי אנו כבודקים מתמחים בעבודה עם המוצר שאותו אנו בודקים, בהרבה מקרים זהו יתרון (אנו יכולים לזהות בעיות, לעבוד מהר יותר וכן הלאה), אך לעיתים זהו חיסרון – אנו מפתחים…
    קרא עוד...
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