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  • Taking Pleasure

    I recently had another great discussion with a developer, essentially over hot drinks in the kitchen. We covered all sorts of topics, a lot around how testers and developers can help each other when communicating in bug reports. It’s a sensible and productive conversation to have, since both sides – and maybe others on each team – can make simple changes that really benefit the other. Naturally, we also talked about those awkward bug reports – ones that are hard for either side to reproduce. The developer appreciated and understood that as testers, we don’t want to write bug reports where it’s not entirely clear, or the steps aren’t reliably reproducing the problem, or we’ve only seen it happen once – it’s really bad, but we’ve no idea what we did! These things happen. I agreed and said that I really don’t want to be raising those sorts of bugs. I’ll put an appropriate amount of time in before conceding that the benefits of raising it now outweigh the cost of pressing on. Maybe the developer can suggest a route to reproduce it, just from the vague description or error message? Maybe the developer can quickly guess what’s happened and doesn’t need lots of reproduction steps? I also said that I didn’t get any pleasure from raising bugs generally. Then had to stop myself. Wait a second… I do take pleasure from it… but from where? It’s certainly not that I’ve “broken” something that a colleague has been working on,[…]

    29.01.2020 | 11:30 קרא עוד...
  • Top 28 Test Automation Engineers to Follow in 2020

    Automation Testing Made Easy Tools Tips and Training Top 28 Test Automation Engineers to Follow in 2020 First, how did I choose this list? It was easy! Everyone on this list will be speaking at the 4th annual Automation Guild conference. I only choose the most awesome folks as speakers to share with the Guild a tip, tool, technique, or best practice to help you succeed with all your automation testing efforts. […] You’re reading Top 28 Test Automation Engineers to Follow in 2020, originally posted on Automation Testing Made Easy Tools Tips and Training - Helping you succeed with all things software test automation performance & security and copyrighted by Joe Colantonio

    29.01.2020 | 10:14 קרא עוד...
  • Would Heu-risk it? Part 14: Alethephobia

    Would Heu-risk it? Part 14: Alethephobia Another trap coming up! Trap means we get to look at our less attractive attributes. This one deals with important stuff so let us look at that rhyme: “When you find something scary while you exploreYou might be tempted to just shut the doorBut hiding it will never kill that ghostBring to light what scares you most” So, what does it mean? It can be incredibly intimidating to be the bringer of bad news. Especially if you are new to a team/project, if you are a junior tester or just have some very strong voices pushing for speed. I mean, there is even a meme for it! And yes, there is an art to knowing when/what/how to speak up and when it is better to wait. It is a skill grown and nurtured over the years and being good at assessing risk is one of the best skills you can have as a tester. BUT. It is a decision that should never be made out of fear!We have a professional obligation to speak up when we actually believe there is risk. People will try to push you. They will try to get creative with results in order to make progress. They might ask you to lie. It is YOUR choice if you do. I want to share Fiona Charles‘ 10 commandments for ethical techies here:1.     Understand your overall professional obligations2.     Understand your specific legal and contractual obligations3.     Know your own ethical bottom line4.     Know whose interests you serve5.     Know how[…]

    29.01.2020 | 7:00 קרא עוד...


  • נתקעת ללא רעיון? - קבל רעיון רנדומלי
    נתקעת ללא רעיון? - קבל רעיון רנדומלי נתקעת ללא רעיון? - קבל רעיון רנדומלי מ- Oblique Strategies Trick by Michael Bolton רקע לנושא: Oblique Strategies © 1975, 1978, and 1979 Brian Eno/Peter Schmidt This web page © 1997 Gregory Taylor (כבודקים נוכל לפתח רשימות…
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  • טיפים לאוטומציה יעילה - Dave McNulla
    טיפים לאוטומציה יעילה -  Dave McNulla במאמר Good Practices For Automating Functional Tests מאת Dave McNulla תמצאו נקודות חשובות ליישום אוטומציה בצורה יעילה. שימו לב כי keyword Driven Testing הינה דרך יעילה להפרדה בין הבדיקה לבין הקוד שעומד מאחוריה, דבר שעוזר לבודקים לכתוב בדיקות במהירות וללא…
    קרא עוד...
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