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  • Pre-launch announcements for my new projects

    After six weeks or so of resetting following my unplanned exit from Quest, I’m getting close to publicly announcing more details on a couple of new projects. One of these has been in the making for about a year, while the other has arisen as a direct result of leaving full-time employment. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of writing a book and I will finally realize this idea with the release of a testing-related e-book very soon. It’s been a highly collaborative effort with input from many members of the testing community. Having more free time since finishing up at Quest has given me the opportunity to wrap up what I think is worthy of publishing as a first edition. I will return all proceeds from sales of this book to the testing community. Look out for more details of the book via this blog and my social media presences in the coming weeks! My other project is a new boutique software testing consultancy business. The intention is to offer something quite different in the consulting space, utilizing my skills and experience from the last twenty years to help organizations to improve their testing practices. This consultancy won’t suit everyone but I hope that my niche offering will both help those who see the value in the way I think about testing and also give me the chance to share my knowledge and experience in a meaningful way outside of full-time corporate employment. I expect to launch this[…]

    21.09.2020 | 7:14 קרא עוד...
  • Testing Meetups and Building a Platform: Lessons from MoT Bucks

    Testing Meetups and Building a Platform: Lessons from MoT Bucks This year I paired up with my friend and fellow tester Simon Prior, formerly of the Aylesbury Tester Gathering, to launch a new meetup. We had planned to make this a live, in-person event at my workplace in Milton Keynes, but as events transpired we decided to move this online instead. We’ve just announced our 7th event, coming up this November, and I felt it might be a good time to reflect and consider some of the things I’ve learned as a novice to all this. 1. Know Your Goal I started this endeavour with a clear goal. I know I’m not keen to speak at meetups or conferences (at least, not yet) but despite that, I wanted to help grow a culture of quality in both my organisation in local area. I have found other ways of doing this too – sharing my thoughts on testing with computing students, and appearing on podcasts. However it was attending the final Aylesbury Tester Gathering which showed me this path forward. There, I met Simon who was keen to find someone to help him carry the event forward, and inspiration struck – THIS was exactly the kind of thing I had hoped to do to give back to the testing community which made me. So alongside Simon, we set about rebranding the Aylesbury Tester Gathering to something new. This was a relatively painless process thanks to the support of the Ministry of Testing who provide the infrastructure we use to hold the[…]

    21.09.2020 | 4:54 קרא עוד...
  • Lesser known Cypress.io tricks

    Lesser known Cypress.io tricks Cypress.io is pretty amazing, and if you haven’t used it yet and need a jump start, I recommend my super-quick straight-to-the-point course on Udemy. It’s called Cypress test automation for people in a hurry and it’s exactly that. Average video length is 2 minutes, and then it’s practical exercises that help you learn more.As I create my courses and use Cypress on my own, I often come across undocumented or not so widely used features that you might find helpful. Let’s jump into them.Routing numbered routeWhen using .route() command to match your path, you can use wildcards to math the exact api call you need. But sometimes it is just not enough. Your app may call the exact same endpoint twice. To write your test for these types of situations, you can select them both using an array, like this:Instead of using an array though, you can select just the second instance of routed network request. This can be done by appending the index number on to the alias itself, like this:Pro tip: did you know Cypress recently released experimental full-layer network stubbing? Besides xhr requests, you can now route images, static files and fetch requests!Aliasing DOM elementRouting your network calls is one of the most powerful features in Cypress. To alias them, you can use .as() command, and then use .wait() or .get() command to write a test for that network request.You can alias your DOM elements in the same way and then use .get() command to select that element later in your test. This is especially useful when you have[…]

    21.09.2020 | 1:45 קרא עוד...


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