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  • EuroSTAR Testing Conference Prague 2019

    EuroSTAR Testing Conference Prague 2019 A few weeks ago I spoke at the EuroSTAR software testing conference in Prague. The conference had one and a half days of tutorials, followed by two and a half days of talks. Around a thousand people attended. I was impressed by the sense of community and by the number of activities offered. For climate reasons, I chose to travel there and back by train instead of flying. Impressions The conference started off with a day and a half of tutorials. On the Monday I attended Michael Bolton‘s session on using risk to guide testing. I really liked the holistic perspective on testing and the emphasis on tacit knowledge. The group exercises were very good, and reminded me of the idea-generating power of groups. On the Tuesday I picked up a lot of good testing ideas from Henrik Emilsson and Rikard Edgren from Nordic Medtest. Of the keynotes, I really enjoyed Fiona Charles‘ talk with numerous examples of problematic and unethical use of technology. It was also fascinating to listen to Alexandre Bauduin speaking about how the flight simulator for the Boeing 777 is tested. For all the keynotes, slido was used to allow the audience to ask questions. The highest voted questions were then answered by the presenter. For the most part, this way of doing a Q&A worked quite well. Of the talks, I liked Andrew Brown’s presentation on the endowment effect as an explanation of why we keep some tests that should really be deleted. It was[…]

    8.12.2019 | 6:45 קרא עוד...
  • LearnAutomation Has an App!

    This post is only about a month or two late! But if you are a frequent visitor or even if you’re visiting for the first time and enjoying the content, then there is now an app for your phone or tablet that gives you easy access to the site’s content. For now, it is an iOS only app, but I’m nearing the completion of the Android version so expect that shortly. The app allows you to sort and favourite articles to give you quick access to the articles that help you the most. There are also a number of new features coming in the next couple of updates, including tests for you to check your knowledge on what you’ve read to help make sure it’s sinking in, the video content I’ve been promising (yes, it’s actually done!) and downloadable cheat sheets for many of the languages or frameworks you’ve seen on this site. If you have any feedback about the app, please do get in touch. I’m always looking to make it better so if there’s something you’d like to see, I’m happy to hear your opnion. The post LearnAutomation Has an App! appeared first on Learn Automation.

    8.12.2019 | 5:52 קרא עוד...
  • React Day Berlin 2019 Sketchnotes

    I have already attended a conference organized by GitNation, the JSNation of this year. While being there I’ve learned that they also organize some React conferences. As I wanted to broaden my horizon a little, I decided to attend the React Day Berlin 2019. It was a conference with around 800 attendees about topics related to React. I’ve sketched the talks of the first part of day and would love to share the sketchnotes with you: The Past, Present and Future of CSS-in-JS Max Stoiber Compassion-Driven Development: Building Accessible React UI Tae’lur Alexis Performance anxiety with React Jessica Leach Decentralized … Der Beitrag React Day Berlin 2019 Sketchnotes erschien zuerst auf Katjasays.

    8.12.2019 | 4:51 קרא עוד...


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