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ALM User Group Meeting, 10 March 2015

ALM User Group Meeting, 10 March 2015

ALM Picהזמנה למפגש מרץ 2015

ALM User Group


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Dependency management in visual studio and TFS using NuGet
Bnaya Eshet – Senior Consultant and Architect in Sela

In Visual Studio we normally manage dependencies using either Project or File references.  But a different way exists - the use of the NuGet tool.  What is NuGet?  How do we use it?  Why should we use it in place of the existing VS options?  And how does all of this translate to TFS?
This talk will answer all of these questions and present a novel approach to internal and external dependency management in our software projects.

בחלק השני של המפגש (18:45-19:30)



Natalia Meergus, Consultant in Sela

Model-Based Testing (MBT) is a testing approach which allows to automate the test design activity and to generate automated tests.

MBT make use of the model of the software system being developed.

The benefits of this approach are the possibility to derive controlled test coverage by a systematic approach communicated throughout to all stakeholders and a highly automated test process in an early testing stage.

The lecture will provide a basic but practical introduction to MBT.


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