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Agile Practitioners 2015 conference

Agile Practitioners 2015 conference

Agile Practitioners 2015

כנס זה כולל מס' מצגות מעניינות בנושאי בדיקות - בעיקר ביומו השני

Agile Practitioners 2015 conference is on its way!

the conference is produced and organized by volunteers in a fully cooperative and non-profit model!

This is a two days conference, in which day one is dedicated for workshops and day two hosts four tracks of talks and mini-workshops.
You may find the complete conference program here.

The second day will run in the following tracks:
Beginner's Track: You thought all this is much ado about nothing? Come here to learn and experience!
Advanced Tracks: Looking for better ways for continuous improvement? Come here to learn from the best professionals in Israel. We've had so many great submissions to this track, that we have opened an additional one!
Human Resources / Senior Management Track: Interested to learn how agility can influence your employees' productivity? How their attitude towards work might change? Do androids dream of electric sheep? Come here to learn from the ones who've done this.
We would like to offer the ILTechTalk community memebers a 15% discout, simply use the code ILTTDISC when registering via eventbrite.

See you there,
The Agile Practitioners organizing team

תאריך האירוע
ינו 27 ב 09:00 - ינו 28 ב 17:00
Tel Aviv Israel
מנהלי האירוע

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